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Dental Bonding Sunnyvale, CA

Dental bonding is a technique in which resin, a composite material, is bonded to your tooth to repair chips or cracks, to hide discoloration, or to reduce the size of a gap. Bonding ultimately results in a more aesthetically pleasing, brighter smile. Dr. Huh uses conservative methods to enhance smiles whenever possible, and dental bonding is an excellent choice for doing just that—fixing minor aesthetic problems without damaging the natural tooth. When dental bonding is performed, naturally colored resin is mechanically and chemically bonded to the existing teeth, creating a straighter and whiter smile. Dr. Huh’s steady, experienced hand and extensive training help her create stunning results.

How does dental bonding work?


Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • This quick treatment usually takes less than an hour.
  • Bonding doesn’t reduce your tooth’s original structure.
  • It’s an affordable way to improve your appearance.
  • The resin we use is available in many different shades.

Is Dental Bonding safe for everyone, including children?


Can dental cosmetic bonding fix my child’s chipped tooth?


Will a tooth bonding procedure be uncomfortable?


Can restorative bonding be used to fill in gaps between my teeth?


Can dental bonding reshape my teeth?


Will cosmetic bonding help if my teeth are stained?


Is a tooth bonding procedure reversible?


Is dental bonding affordable?


How long does dental bonding last?


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