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Dental bonding is a technique in which resin, a composite material, is bonded to your tooth to repair chips or cracks, to hide discoloration, or to reduce the size of a gap. Bonding ultimately results in a more aesthetically pleasing, brighter smile.

Dr. Huh uses conservative methods to enhance smiles whenever possible, and dental bonding is an excellent choice for doing just that—fixing minor aesthetic problems without damaging the natural tooth. When dental bonding is performed, naturally colored resin is mechanically and chemically bonded to the existing teeth, creating a straighter and whiter smile. Dr. Huh’s steady, experienced hand and extensive training help her create stunning results.

How does dental bonding work?

Bonding is performed in our office and requires no anesthesia. Dr. Huh begins by cleaning the tooth and prepping it by using a mild solution that facilitates the bonding of the composite resin to the tooth. Once several coats are applied and each has set under our special ultraviolet light, Dr. Huh sculpts the tooth into the desired shape and texture.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • This quick treatment usually takes less than an hour.
  • Bonding doesn’t reduce your tooth’s original structure.
  • It’s an affordable way to improve your appearance.
  • The resin we use is available in many different shades.

Is Dental Bonding safe for everyone, including children?

Yes! Dental bonding is non-invasive, making it an ideal restoration for children.

Can dental cosmetic bonding fix my child’s chipped tooth?

Yes! As your cosmetic dentist, we restore chipped teeth by applying resin to the tooth and shaping it until it matches the others. We use our premium tools to match the shade of the resin with your child’s surrounding teeth so that it blends in seamlessly. We’ve perfected the craft of cosmetic bonding so that you won’t be able to tell which tooth has bonding material and which do not.

Will a tooth bonding procedure be uncomfortable?

Not at all. Bonding is one of the most comfortable, non-invasive treatments available today. We simply roughen the tooth slightly and apply a conditioning liquid before making the cosmetic improvements. Then we will apply the resin material that matches the shade of your teeth and shape it to match the tooth size before it hardens in place. Your tooth structure remains intact, and you will experience no discomfort during the procedure.

Can restorative bonding be used to fill in gaps between my teeth?

Absolutely. Come into our Sunnyvale office, and we will complete the cosmetic bonding procedure in one visit. An alternative to more complicated treatments, like veneers, crowns, or orthodontics, dental bonding is the fastest way to transform your smile and fill in those gaps.

Can dental bonding reshape my teeth?

Yes. We use bonding to lengthen teeth and change their width every day. This makes your teeth appear more uniform by eliminating inconsistent gaps between teeth. The treatment only takes 30-60 minutes per tooth, so bonding is a quick and easy way to have your teeth reshaped.

Will cosmetic bonding help if my teeth are stained?

Yes. Our bonding material will cover the stains. Our patients often use a teeth-whitening treatment first, but when the whitening procedure doesn’t fully do the trick on deeper, darker stains, we place resin material on top of your stained tooth or teeth in order to improve their appearance. Schedule an appointment with us, and we will discuss your options and complete the procedure in one visit.

Is a tooth bonding procedure reversible?

Yes. Most of our patients are happy with the appearance of their teeth after a bonding procedure, but if down the road, you decide to move forward with an alternative treatment, it’s simple to reverse the bonding.

Is dental bonding affordable?

Dental bonding is cost-effective for a variety of reasons. We perform every aspect of the dental bonding procedure in-house which eliminates dental lab fees. This is not the case with dental veneers or crowns which make bonding the more affordable option. Our staff would be happy to walk you through the costs of each treatment.

How long does dental bonding last?

Our restorative bonding treatments can last for several decades if cared for properly. Durable, natural-looking, and effective, dental bonding is long-lasting when patients use soft toothbrushes and avoid acidic foods and activities that can break or chip teeth.

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