Invisalign® Treatment in Sunnyvale, CA

Never before have braces been more comfortable and convenient. For those who prefer an almost invisible teeth straightening treatment, Invisalign® offers an effective solution for both adults and teens. Our clear aligners provide the most inconspicuous teeth straightening method for simple to complex cases.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a sequence of removeable, clear aligners that straighten your teeth as an alternative to traditional metal braces.

Benefits of Invisalign®Clear braces being put on

Invisalign® not only straightens teeth effectively and conveniently, but also offers an excellent choice for those who want to avoid conventional braces.

  • Aesthetics—clear braces that are almost invisible
  • Comfort—removable for meals
  • Safety—smooth aligner with no wires
  • Speed—treatment time is as short as a year
  • Predictability—no surprises
  • Success—correcting crossbites, crowding, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites
  • Convenience—no dietary restrictions, fewer dentist appointments

Is Invisalign® Right for Me?

Yes. Invisalign® is the ideal treatment for just about anyone who wants to straighten their teeth or misaligned bite but hopes to avoid traditional medal braces. One of the greatest advantages to Invisalign® is that most people won’t realize you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign and Composite Veneers – Before & After


Invisalign – Before & After


Veneers and Invisalign – Before & After


Invisalign – Before & After


What to Expect

Consultation: Dr. Huh cares about her patients and their overall health. When you come in for an evaluation, she schedules ample time to get to know you and your goals for your teeth. If you decide Invisalign is right for you, she customizes a treatment plan that will improve your smile according to your hopes and dreams.

Treatment Plan: Dr. Huh uses impressions of your teeth to form a precise and customized plan that establishes the movements of your teeth, the length of your treatment, and even a preview shot of what your teeth will look like upon completion.

The Results: The transformation may seem slow, but in only a matter of months, your smile will evolve through a sequence of expertly designed shifts.

How long will I need to wear Invisalign®?

Once your customized aligners are ready, you should wear them 20-22 hours a day. Then, you will need to use a new set of aligners every two weeks. In general, treatment time is 12-18 months, but the length of the digital plan we map out for you depends on your specific goals and how much you wear your aligners. Each set of aligners will gently move your teeth into place and transform your smile.

Is Invisalign® treatment painful?

Since Invisalign® moves your teeth, our patients often feel a small bit of pressure the first day or 2 of wearing a new set of aligners. Thankfully, the pain is minimal, and they control the slightest discomfort with over-the-counter medications.

Can I eat with Invisalign® in?

No. It’s important to take your aligners out when you eat, drink, brush, and floss, and if necessary, for special occasions. But don’t forget to put them back in when you’re finished because, for optimal results, you need to wear them 20-22 hours a day. The benefit to having to take your aligners out to eat is that you are then free to eat whatever you want without any restrictions.

What foods can I not eat with Invisalign®?

When it comes to traditional metal braces, there are many foods you cannot eat. But Invisalign® is a completely different story. Clear aligners are removable, so you are able to take them out at any time and eat whatever foods you choose.

How often should I clean my Invisalign® aligners?

It is important to brush your teeth and your aligners after every meal to keep them from becoming stained. To do this, simply clean them with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and lukewarm water. Water that gets too hot can potentially warp the plastic.

How much does Invisalign® cost?

Today, clear aligners are the same cost as traditional braces. We know that just like your teeth, every financial situation is different, and we want to make sure you get the smile you deserve. We recommend you have a consultation with us where we can present any possible costs upfront and help you understand your insurance benefits.

Want To Straighten Your Teeth Without Cumbersome Braces?

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